Inside Smirk ice cream you will find whole body nourishing ingredients starting with smooth almond milk that provides healthy omega fatty acids and calcium.


Next we mix in dates, which are rich in many vitamins and minerals including calcium, potassium, and magnesium.


Another body nourishing ingredient you will find in Smirk ice cream is olive oil, which is full of antioxidants and can help maintain a good weight and may help protect against heart disease.


Additionally, Smirk ice cream uses Pasteurized Shell Eggs, eliminating any risk of salmonella in our ice creams.


We here at Smirk Fruit Sweetened Almond Milk Ice Cream are dedicated to using the highest ingredients in our products, so flavor is always full and rich in every spoonful.

Smirk never ever uses added sweeteners, allowing the natural, flavorful sweetness of fruit to do the work instead.


We use whole, natural ingredients and we never add preservatives to our ice creams. Finally, we never use dairy of any type in our ice cream, making it safe for those with dairy allergies to enjoy.


When you dip into Smirk Fruit Sweetened Almond Milk Ice Cream, you can relax and enjoy, knowing you are putting wholesome, safe ingredients into your body and into the bodies of those you love!


Give it a try! It might even make you Smirk a little. 

So What's In It?

...And What's Not In It?